SESCO Urges Consumers to Report Damaged Street Lighting

SARAWAK, KUCHING, 18 June 2012 – SESCO wishes to inform the public that SESCO performs regular inspection and maintenance of street lightings at protocol and major roads on a weekly basis.  As there are approximately 41,000 street lightings located in Kuching, SESCO would like to call upon the public’s kind cooperation to report any street lightings that are malfunctioning to SESCO’s Technical Service Call Centres.  Upon receiving a report, SESCO’s standard operating procedure is to carry out repair work within 48 hours.  Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority for SEB and in order for the customers’ needs to be attended to; a report should be made to the relevant authority for the proper action to be carried out.  

‘A site investigation was carried out and our findings indicate that the LED street lighting is part of Padawan Council’s Pilot Project with LED street lighting.  As such, the Operation and Maintenance of the Led Street Lighting concerned comes under the Council’s jurisdiction.  Complaints should be lodged with the Padawan Council.  Should we receive any complaints, they will be channeled to the relevant authority. In this instance we have referred the incident to the Council. ’ said a SESCO spokesperson.  

The spokesperson added, ‘Safety is our top priority and we will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of our customers.  We also strive to ensure our customers enjoy constant electricity supply and functioning street lighting but we need the public to assist us in reporting any malfunctions. ’  

The public is encouraged to inform any of SESCO's Technical Service Call Centres in regards to any malfunctions to ensure that they can best serve their customers.  Customers are encouraged to contact Technical Service via SMS at +60 12 888 2424.  The format should be “KUC, House No XXX, Taman XXX, Jln XXXX, Kuching” An example would be “KUC No.888, Taman Sarawak, Jln Kenyalang, Kuching”; commercial example would be “ KUC Shop MMK, 122A, Premier 101 Comm Centre, Jln Tun Jugah, Kuching”  Please ensure ‘KUC’ is inserted at the beginning of the SMS or the SMS may not reach the Technical Service Call Centre.