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Welcome To Sarawak Energy


Welcome to Sarawak Energy, the State’s energy provider and socio-economic growth engine.

For more than 100 years, we have been playing the role of an effective local utility company, providing electricity to millions of Sarawakians in the urban, as well as rural areas.

Today, Sarawak Energy is embarking on a programme of massive expansion in support of the State’s economic development strategy, known as the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). To support the State’s SCORE agenda, Sarawak Energy is committed to harnessing the State’s abundant hydroelectricity resources in a sustainable manner, compliant with Sarawak and Malaysian law, and guided by international best practices.

Sarawak Energy’s projections indicate that by the middle of the next decade, residential, retail and commercial customers in Sarawak will require 2,000 MW, while SCORE customers will consume at least 6,000 MW. The State’s GDP is expected to expand 5-fold by 2030, with approximately 1.6million jobs to be created when SCORE is fully operational. This will result directly in the people of Sarawak enjoying higher incomes and standards of living.

Over the past few years, we have made huge progress on this, such as the signing of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with various international companies from intensive-energy industry, construction of the Murum dam, assuming greater social and environmental responsibilities and achieving significant progress towards the transformation of the company into an agile, modern and commercially-focused corporation.

As we inch closer toward the realisation of the SCORE objectives, it is inevitable that we will also need to confront challenges that test our resolve to develop sustainable energy. Technological advancement and thorough research have been key to propel us forward to where we currently stand, coupled with invaluable industrial expertise and experience.

We will remain committed and true to our cause, answering our calling to energise the growing demand of the State of Sarawak. With the entrance of various energy-intensive industries and foreign investments, Sarawak Energy will continue to enhance its role as the energy provider delivering sufficient clean energy for the State and the surrounding region.

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What We Do

At Sarawak Energy, our business is not only to bring power to the people, but also growth. We hope to bring new synergies while opening job opportunities in whatever we do. 

Core Business Activities


Sarawak Energy is focused on the generation, transmission, distribution and retail of electricity. We generate power through hydro, coal and gas, capitalising on Sarawak’s abundant indigenous resources, and supply electricity to our customers throughout the state through an extensive network.


Blessed with high rainfall and an abundance of rivers, Sarawak harnesses renewable energy through hydropower development. Sarawak Energy’s first hydroelectric plant (HEP) at Batang Ai (108 MW) was commissioned in 1985, followed by Murum Hydroelectric Plant (944 MW) which was fully commissioned in the second quarter of 2015.

Sarawak Energy is pursuing the development of indigenous hydropower resources and has identified further sites as being highly promising for the construction of hydroelectric projects. 
In addition to large hydroelectric projects, Sarawak Energy has also identified potential small hydropower sites that support rural electrification in Sarawak’s many remote villages.
Sarawak Energy generates thermal power mainly through our coal and gas plants. Current installed capacity exceeds 1,200 MW, with five major power stations connected to the Sarawak State Grid and a number of standalone rural power stations.
The Bintulu Combined Cycle Plant, with a combined capacity of 317 MW, was registered with the United Nations under the Clean Development Management (CDM) scheme on 18 September 2010. The CDM scheme is part of the Kyoto Protocol environmental agreement and aims to encourage sustainable development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Bintulu facility is the largest CDM plant in Malaysia.
Our latest development is the construction of the 2 x 300 MW Balingian Coal-Fired Power Plant located in Mukah. The project commenced construction in May 2014 and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2018 with first power generation by the end of 2017.
Grid System Operator
On behalf of the Regulator, Sarawak Energy is the Grid System Operator (GSO) which operates the Sarawak State Grid to meet the state’s future power requirements. This includes power generation scheduling and despatch.
Sarawak Energy is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the network to ensure reliable electricity supply throughout Sarawak. To strengthen reliability of supply, in addition to the existing 275 kV State Grid Transmission Lines, Sarawak Energy is constructing a 600 km second backbone 500 kV transmission lines.
Sarawak Energy operates and maintains an efficient distribution network to ensure reliable supply to our customers throughout the State. This includes overseeing data collection, providing policy and technical specifications, and undertaking maintenance and installation planning. To continuously improve the system operation of the distribution network and to reduce the duration of outages, Sarawak Energy has introduced various initiatives such as Condition-Based Monitoring, which uses advanced diagnostic equipment to monitor and detect abnormalities.
Our Retail arm serves more than 600,000 customers throughout the State. Our Customer Care Centre operates at two sites - Kuching and Miri - for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle enquiries on technical and customer services. The system is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to handle the influx of calls especially during outages, has intelligent queuing call back feature, broadcast announcement and a monitoring system to keep track of the transactions for continuous improvement of our services.
We have also developed an extensive payment network for consumers, through partnerships with other utilities, banks, retail outlets and various other payment channels, so that nowadays our customers have literally hundreds of locations (and a number of online portals) where they can manage their accounts and make payments.
Our mobile application “SEB Cares” allows customers to monitor usage, report incidents and potentially pay bills.
Coal Resources
In 2015, Sarawak Energy was mandated to become an owner and developer, rather than merely a buyer, of Sarawak’s coal resources. Through our General Prospecting Licenses, we will be able to secure stable coal supplies for our operations and strengthen our ability to leverage on Sarawak’s indigenous coal resources.

Our Management Team